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Glad To Meet You

Dr. Emily Bussey with her family

A story from Dr. Bussey about why she chose to be an eye doctor:

I was a nanny for two little girls, ages five and three, in Switzerland. The youngest wasn’t developing as expected. She wasn’t making eye contact, wasn’t listening well, and behind in speech.

After seeing a long list of specialists, all of whom reported everything was fine, our last stop was an optometrist. She was a warm and friendly doctor, making the kiddo feel comfortable and at ease. We learned that she needed glasses for being extremely near sighted. The moment she put her glasses on, her world changed. Her posture immediately straightened, she looked us in the eyes, and began interacting with her world. It was beautiful.

Everything we had been worried about fell into place. Right then and there, I knew I had found my passion, my career, and the way I could directly impact peoples’ lives everyday.

This is the “why” of our practice. We are here for the sole purpose of changing people’s lives through better vision.

How We Take Care Of You

Bussey Eyecare Center offers a complete range of eye care products and services to our patients.

We to see babies!

Dr. Bussey and Dr. Stevens both volunteer with a program called Infant See ( offering complete eye health exams to infants at no charge. They are proud to donate their service to help detect life threatening eye conditions in all babies.

We to see kids!

Developmental eyecare is so important to success in school. Even if vision clarity is perfect at a distance, many other conditions can affect their eyes. Kids must have great tracking, eye teaming, focusing, and healthy eyes inside, for great vision. For example, did you know that the blue light emitted from your phones and tablets can damage your children’s eyes? We check (and have lenses that help) that too!

We to see grown-ups!

We offer the latest technology in both managing eye health and also in glasses and lenses. Our patients get personalized vision solutions that help them do what they do. Contact lenses are a possibility for most of our patients. If we do find eye disease (and we hope not!), our doctors are experienced in diagnosis and treatment of many conditions.

We to see grandparents!

We know the importance of protecting vision with yearly eye check ups. Many diseases that affect the eye will become more likely the more birthdays you have. Dr. Bussey and Dr. Stevens will help guide you to healthy eyes.

Meet The Team

Dr. Emily Bussey

Dr. Emily Bussey

Dr. Emily Bussey, a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the Southern College of Optometry, began treating patients in Bartlesville 5 years ago, taking over an existing practice. In addition to family optometry, treating infant to geriatric patients, Dr. Bussey specializes in pediatric eye care and vision therapy. She believes that her work allows her to change lives every day. “I absolutely love my job – what could be more rewarding than helping people see and enjoy the world around them?” After growing up in Ponca City, Dr. Bussey married her high school sweetheart , Jason. They have four daughters, Marielle-9, Vivian-6, and Lucia and Corinne-3 (twins) that keep them on their toes! A member of Leadership Bartlesville Class XX, Emily is also a former Big Brothers/ Big Sisters board member. She is active at First United Methodist Church and is a huge OSU Fan.

Dr. Caitlyn Mefford

Dr. Caitlyn Mefford

Dr. Caitlyn Mefford, a graduate of Northeastern State University and the Oklahoma College of Optometry, is excited to join the team at Bussey Eyecare Center! After her younger brother was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and she saw how it affected her brother’s eyesight, she knew that she wanted to study ocular eye diseases. “Throughout the whole process, I realized how connected the eyes are to the whole body and how many diseases actually manifest in the eyes.” Throughout her time at the Oklahoma College of Optometry, she learned a lot about the different ocular diseases, which led her clinical focus to be the treatment & management of Glaucoma. She is extremely excited to share her expertise with the patients of Bussey Eyecare Center. She married her high school sweetheart, Austin, two years ago and have since moved to the country-side close to home. In her free time, Mefford and her husband like to hike, kayak and hang with their pup, Ella. Dr. Mefford is excited to be back in the area that she grew up in and serving the people she grew up around!

Bussey Eye Care staff

Our Friendly Staff

We are so glad you’ve chosen to visit us at Bussey Eyecare Center. As you enter our front door, you will be cheerfully greeted by Kim, our receptionist. Krystal, Mariana or Erica will escort you back for pretesting and make sure that you understand the steps in our eye exam and any testing you may have. Once Dr. Bussey and Dr. Stevens find the best vision solution(s) for you, Natalie, Tracie or Loni in our optical department will make sure that you find glasses that suit your personality and your lifestyle. If you have any insurance or billing questions, Suzanne will be happy to research your benefits and work with your insurance. We want every experience here to exceed your expectations, so please let us know how we can make that happen. Feel free to ask any questions you have. If we don’t know, the doctors will. If they don’t know, we’ll find out!


Our Technology

OPTOS - We take a wide angle picture of your retina (the inside of your eye). This shows us the health of your eyes, and allows us to directly compare images from year to year.

OCT - We can measure each cellular layer in the major structures inside your eye. These cross section scans help us detect and monitor disease in ways not possible with traditional eye exams.

Diopsys VEP/ERG - We can measure electrical activity in your visual pathway to the brain. This shows us how the eyes communicate with the brain and if the signal is smaller or slower.

iCARE - We can check the pressure in your eye without drops or the puff of air. That’s right, NO PUFF!

Corneal Topographer - We can scan your cornea and make a map of its curvature. This helps us fit contacts more accurately than traditional exams.

Spectangle Pro - We can measure the lens fit in your glasses with extra precision in our electronic measuring device and iPad. This allows our patients the best in customized digital eyeglass lenses.

Your Next Glasses & Contacts


Contact Lenses

Things To Learn & Do

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